atchets cutting d■own all the trees and shrubs along■ the road. Beautiful hedges, w■hich had been grown artificially ●in fine forms for years, fell under the blow■s of the hatchets. The reason

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that had been all! But dozens of bo●ys and young men had been taken to● Bilsen as prisoners. There had been● a real hunt for all able-bo

died lads who● might be of any use in the B●elgian army. Women and old men were c●ompelled by threats to betray the hiding-places ■of their sons or husbands, and if one of■ them was found hidden away ●under straw or in barns, he was ill-t●reated or beaten with rifle-butts. S■ome fled to Maastricht, others to the● Campine, the northern pa

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rt of Belgium■. I presume that both groups have at leng■th arrived in Antwerp. Dr. Beckers, ■Government veterinary surgeon at Vel?/p>

馾wezelt, had also been taken to Bilsen ■as a hostage. The Germans asserted that the Belg■ians in Lanaeken had taken prisoner a■ German military veterinary surge■on who looked after the horses, and no■w intended to keep Dr. Beckers until t●he Belgians191 should have released the Ge■rman military veterinary surgeon. During■

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the occupation a war contribution of 15●0,000 francs in silver had be●en imposed on Bilsen, although there was har

dl■y any silver left in the place. This puni■shment was inflicted because Belgian s●oldiers had destroyed the railway in ■two places. Near Lanaeken I met suddenly ■a Belgian soldier, who did n●ot trouble me after I had show●n him my papers. I was quite astonished ■to find that man there all by himself, whils●t so many Germans were o

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